Hey Ghouls,

If you you want a rag doll follow these steps:

First Pick a letter a b c d for the hair and right the letter down where you

enter the code:

A: Fankie’s hair

B: Draculaura’s Hair

C: Clawdeen’s Hair

D: Lagoona’s Hair

Now pick a number for your eyes:

1: Frankie’s Eyes

2: Draculaura’s Eyes

3: Clawdeen’s Eyes

4: Lagoona’s Eyes

Now pick a letter again for the body:

E: Frankie’s Body and Dress

F: Draculaura’s Body and Dress

I: Lagoona’s Body and Dress

K: Clawdeen’s Body and Dress

Last thing pick a number for your mouth:

5: Fankie’s Mouth ( Just Smile )

6: Draculaura’s Mouth ( Smile with Fangs )

7: Clawdeen’s Mouth ( Downtured Smile with Love )

8: Lagoona’s Mouth ( Just Smile )

Have fun 🙂